We will make sure that you do not miss a SARS registration again!

SARS registration is important for every South African individual, as well as local businesses. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) was established as an independent agency that collects tax, manages custom duties, and enforces compliance with local tax legislation on behalf of the South African government and people. It is necessary for everyone to complete their SARS registration if they qualify for tax. This ensures that every citizen contributes a fair share to enhance the growth of South Africa’s economy.

As part of our extensive service range at Pienaar Stofberg, we offer to take care of individuals’ and companies’ SARS affairs, which include SARS registrations, filing tax returns, completing your UIF registration, etc. Letting us take over your SARS administration will allow you to save time, as well as money, by preventing fines for late applications, or for missing the annual tax return deadline.


Not sure about the tax return deadline?

Taxes can be confusing and overwhelming. There are different regulations and percentages that apply to individuals and businesses, and your payable tax is also influenced by the amount of money that you earn. For businesses, factors such as the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Value Added Tax (VAT), Skills Development Levy (SDL) and your employee’s tax (PAYE) can influence yearly tax returns.

Filing a tax return allows SARS to calculate your tax liability, which is based on your declared income and your taxable expenses. Often, it results in a refund. The team at Pienaar Stofberg is highly experienced in tax administration and will ensure that you or your company’s paperwork is in order before the yearly tax return deadline (which differs for individuals and businesses), so that you may benefit from complying with South African tax laws.


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FEM and RMA registrations

As part of caring for employees and ensuring that they will be able to maintain their lifestyle if injured or disabled while on duty, some businesses, depending on the industry, can apply for compensation on behalf of their workers from the Federated Employer’s Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) or the Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited (RMA).

These organisations take care of cases where an employee is injured, disabled, or passes away due to a work-related incident. If not able to compensate the employee, they will ensure that beneficiaries and family members are taken care of.

We have been dealing with these compensation commissioners for many years and are able to assist companies in doing so.

Although SARS, and other South African financial services and commissioners, strive to provide transparent and customer-orientated services, many people and business owners struggle to get their affairs in order before annual deadlines. For convenience and complete peace of mind, feel free to call us to take care of your tax returns, RMA and FEM matters, and UIF contributions.



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