Need help structuring a more effective business plan?

A business plan is a formal document that summarises the complete operational and financial objectives of a business, existing or start up. The document contains detailed plans, ideas and budgets, indicating how the business’ objectives are to be accomplished.

The team at Pienaar Stofberg can assist existing business owners, or those wanting to start a new business, to successfully structure a comprehensive business plan. Since we have been working in close connection with various businesses for many years, we know exactly which questions to ask and how to plan and budget for a business to succeed.

Constructing an effective and realistic business plan is essential for a business to succeed, since it communicates the overall business idea to all involved, including employees, suppliers, investors and financial institutions. Mostly, this document is used to present to investors and stakeholders, to convince them that your business venture will be successful, and to encourage them that investing in your idea is worthwhile.

To compile a business plan, you should ask yourself a few simple, but important questions, such as: is it the right time to venture into the business, am I ready to be a business owner, do I have a clear business strategy, etc.? If you answer yes to these questions, and you are ready to start planning your business, then we will happily assist.


Although each business plan is different, there are certain factors that need to be discussed and planned in each one. A professional business strategy should expand on these factors:

  1. Your core business idea/focus
  2. Your marketing strategy
  3. Your plan for operations
  4. Your staffing plans
  5. Your financial objectives and strategies

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Compiling a business plan is demanding and takes hours of planning. You need to be able to think strategically, do research on the market you wish to enter, understand financial statements and proceedings, communicate your ideas to others, and gather vital information from various sources.

Luckily, Pienaar Stofberg is exceptionally skilled in doing all of this, and we offer to assist you in structuring a comprehensive plan for your company’s future. Feel free to contact us, so we can start planning!



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