Are you aware of income tax regulations?

Income tax refers to the amount of money that is deducted from your income to pay for governmental services, such as the maintenance of local roads, schools, hospitals, libraries and other public institutions. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is responsible for the collection of taxes from all citizens and businesses in South Africa.

The South African taxation system is progressive, which means that one’s income tax is calculated in accordance with one’s income. As a business owner, you need to register for income tax, as well as employer’s tax (PAYE) to ensure that your employees’ income tax fees are paid on a continuous basis.

As part of paying your yearly income tax, you can file to receive a tax return once every 12 months. Submitting a tax return allows SARS to determine a person’s tax liability, based on his/her overall income and expenses that are subject to tax. Often, one will receive a refund from SARS. The registrations and deadlines for income tax and tax return submissions are important to keep in mind, to ensure that you or your company may reap the benefits from being loyal tax payers.


How the team at Pienaar Stofberg can assist:

Tax legislations for businesses are continuously changing, which means that it is hard to keep up with your company’s tax responsibilities. This is where the expert knowledge and service of a tax consultant can be greatly utilised. As part of our comprehensive financial services at Pienaar Stofberg, we also offer assistance by helping businesses comply with their legal tax responsibilities.

Our tax consulting services are suited to all small to medium sized companies seeking assistance and advice on how to best manage their income tax and related tax affairs, such as Pay As You Earn (PAYE), contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Value Added Tax (VAT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and Skills Development Levy (SDL). We also offer to assist individuals with their yearly tax return submissions.

Through building a personal relationship with each of our clients, and getting to know and understand their business, we can provide them with expert tax consultant services and advice with regards to their income tax, tax returns, and other tax related matters that are affecting their accounts.


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